Playing to our Strengths, Our DJS

a Mix of well known locals and experienced Radio Professionals. 

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Event FM at Christmas for Purple House – Playing Christmas Classics 24/7!

Join our DJs on Weekends in November, and daily from 01 December

Get your Requests in early for Ken Doyle from Bagatelle on Event FM – Sundays Noon to 2pm

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9am Christmas Classics

Noon Ian McWilliams

2pm John Power

6pm Christmas Classics


9am Christmas Classics

10am John Power

2pm Brian Greene

5pm Roarke Lessing

7pm Ger Fitzsimons

8pm Tony Swaine

9pm Christmas Classics


9am Christmas Classics

10am Nick Eogan

Noon Ken Doyle from Bagatelle

2pm Bernie Jameson

4pm Paul Cullen

6pm Tom Dalton

8pm Tony Swaine


Ken Doyle from Bagatelle

Nick Eogan – Ex BLB

Ger Fitzsimmons – Ex BLB

Tom Dalton

Paul Cullen

Roarke Lessing Ex Eden Radio, South Africa

Ruth Donnelly

Tony Swaine


Bernie Jameson

Simon Campbell

Adrienne O’Hora

John Power – Noel Dicker

Ian McWilliams

                                                                        Audio Producer Laura Matjusaityte

Joe O’Connor

Brian Greene

Lauren Kelly

                                                                 Audio Advertising Production – David Baker

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